On election eve, I have belatedly come to the reluctant conclusion that politicians and voters actually live in totally different worlds which are light years apart.

In reality, the gap between people and the political establishment is huge, so much so that few will disagree with me when I say that politicians appear to be dwelling on a remote planet that has no affinity to the rest of us.

Even more glaringly obvious is the fact that, despite a seemingly endless campaign, neither Turnbull nor Shorten has hit the trigger that switches on voters. Indeed, they have actually switched us off with their childish fear tactics and patronising policies that are designed to buy our loyalty.

Independents and Minor Parties are in closer contact with voters mainly because they are not burdened with outdated ideology or a born to rule mentality, but they too have a way to go to bridge a yawning gap that is a national disgrace.

So, there will be a revolt on Saturday as voters exercise the only power they possess – the treasured democratic privilege of taking revenge on underperforming politicians who weigh down both the Coalition and Labor.

My firm belief is that this will result in Australia having a minority government with power resting with many crossbenchers who will control both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

This will be good for Australia just as it was in the first decade after Federation when no Party governed in its own right. It produced a Parliament of superb negotiators led by wise men such as Barton, Deakin and Fisher. They enacted profound legislation, most of which exists to this day.

But, the most significant and essential change will be that the Liberals, Nationals and ALP will be forced to change their whole attitude to Parliament and Government if they ever want to achieve majority government again. The way they operate now is totally irrelevant to the future of a great nation and an insult to the intelligence of the longsuffering people of Australia.

They will have no option but to –

*Get rid of their factions as they are a stupid exercise in dumb power struggles carried out by little guys totally devoid of common sense and to the detriment of sound government.

*Endorse candidates of quality who have open minds, leadership ability, management skills, ever expanding knowledge and expertise, as well as a socially responsible conscience. The days of hack politicians must end.

*Treat voters with respect instead of offensively dispensing the endlessly patronising spin and paternalistic arrogance that they trot out in humiliating fashion right now.

*Get rid of ideology. It is a haven of the weak which is of no value whatsoever to humanity and must be immediately replaced by common sense.

*Deal with the big issues immediately – inequality, climate change, ageing, infrastructure, refugees, republic, indigenous recognition, retirement incomes, same sex marriage, broadband for the Inland, drought proofing the nation, and the removal of violence from society. There are no carpets left for them to be swept under.

Above all, politicians must make a huge effort to inspire the nation and earn its respect. Currently, they do neither and have no understanding of the undeniable fact that people yearn for leaders they can follow with pride and confidence.

My book, The Man on the Twenty Dollar Notes, is selling well because it tells the tale of a visionary nation builder who achieved extraordinary results for the people of the Inland through a lifetime of total commitment. When he died, he did not own a home or a car and he had three pounds in the bank. He was utterly committed to Australia and to a caring society.

No wonder Australians yearn for another John Flynn to rise up amongst us as quickly as possible to inspire us to achieve our real potential as a nation.

It may well be a Joanna Flynn who is a refugee. I hope so.

At present, no one can see such a leader even on the remotest horizon because politics smothers initiative as it covets power in preference to achievement while promoting the mundane and the ordinary.

May the politics that we know today, die an instant death tomorrow.

Then, may many flowers bloom.

Yours at Large

Everald Compton

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  1. Col Clifford

    Good Morning Everald,

    Any chance you will have time to talk to Graham about your latest post and your thoughts on what happened on Election Day? I have a spot available for a pre-record at 10.15 this morning.


    Col Clifford

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  2. Charles Mollison

    Dear Everald
    Yes, chaos will remain no matter what the outcome of the interminable vote count.
    The two major parties are on the nose because every decision they make is not based on, “what is best for the nation” but is based on .”what decision will be best for our party electorally”.
    The fact is, political parties per se, are well past their use-by date. It is not “great leaders” that we need. We need to return to true democracy. That is, a Parliament comprised of true representatives of the People who will operate entirely according to the wishes of their constituents.
    Pull out the Draft Constitution I sent you some time ago and have another look at the electoral system advocated there.
    If others would like to read the answer to all our current problems, they can do so in the Draft Constitution. Email – $10. plus $2 P & P.
    Charles Mollison

  3. Well Everald, thank heavens THAT IS OVER! NOW WHAT?? is the predominant Question is”nt it?
    I chose NOT to see ANY TV yesterday..suspect MESS WILL be the ORDER of THE DAY NOW.!
    YOUR assessment once the dust settles will be gladly received! Day’s to sort out! Regards.

  4. Everald
    Agree 95%. Much as I would like infrastructure I would rather have a moral nation based on Judeo/Christian foundations. Amorality and immorality leads to corruption of the culture and a slide into poverty.

  5. Anonymous

    Everald my old mate ,don’t jump ship at this stage as all is not lost. The average Australian is not stupid political wise and may be tomorrow will prove my point.Have another dram from the Isle of Skye and relax.Unfortunately I feel that the big problem will be in the senate area , which will cause government instability .Maybe we should have seen Everald Compton on the senate ticket .Catch up when you get back from your holiday.

  6. Kevin Kingswell

    If my memory serves me well, the Senate in Ancient Rome did NOT have party-groupings.
    NOW the term …’Independent”….is almost a dirty word. And we are threatened with …”chaos” … !
    As far as I am concerned, dear PM, …’BRING IT ON’… ! (Some more)

  7. Lindsay Smith

    Everald, it is my view that you will never again see a John Flynn type to inspire because of the 24/7 media cycle. Politicians of today are under relenting scrutiny from journalists who are only interested in reporting “gotcha” moments.
    When a new policy is announced the media come out in force in order to locate lossers who are then trotted out in the nightly news.
    We need people in parliament with life experiences, not union or party hacks, most of whom have never worked in a real job in their entire lives. But how do we attract the right people with media looking over your shoulder all the time?

  8. Everald,,Like you, I feel SAD..Malcolm has ” THE HOVERERS” Cannot vote for Him..So many GOOD CANDIDATES across parties! WE the non-SUPER SENIORS MUST UNITE! BROKEN IDEALS and IRRELEVANT promises GIVE NO HOPE TO US WHATEVER! TIME to THINK is PAST!
    WILL a VARIED SENATE begin to bring REAL TRUTH back to OUR LIVES????ICAC?

    1. I agree. Seniors, retirees, pensioners are marginalised out of the discussion, even worse than minor parties. Count me in for written or verbal action!

  9. Sad day tomorrow. Hopefully the independents, of whom many people will be voting for, will actually work together for a much better Australia. I don’t like the rich getting richer on one side and the unions want for money the other. Most unfair the cut backs on Aged care (the STOLEN $1.2Billion)and blood tests, visits to doctor CT MRI. Forget the Billions in subs, send in the drones much cheaper no loss of life. Our replacement for the mining boom could be growing Hemp and Herbal Medicinal Cannabis made grown by Australians to Australian Standards will reap Billions taxable for pubic hospitals, schools, medical care, our homeless, pension only – rise. The $5 billion will be wasted on wealthy companies laughing in our faces ! Yes you are correct we are in desperate need of real leaders – I like John Daly, Garvan Institute, Dr. Wodak St.Vincents Sydney

  10. Bollman, Michael

    Hello Everald,

    In the few years that I have been listening to you, sadly nothing has changed and if anything, things have gotten worse.

    I can only see further turmoil until the establishment of a legitimate third party, which will be at least another 10 years.

    The divide grows, the elderly face further welfare cuts, the age at which a person becomes useless to Government seems to be lower each year.

    Turnbull will be so smug it will be unbearable, “Lucy and I” for 3 years will make me sick. Shorten would Bankrupt us. No long term plans either of them.

    On a brighter note, I will be in Townsville for the RAAF T150 Air Show, a flying 12 hour visit pardon the pun. I am looking forward to seeing Townsville for the first time.

    Hope your projects are all going well.



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