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For 75 years, the Liberal Party of Australia has been a respected and enduring institution of our nation which will be remembered kindly for many notable achievements. However, it is breathing its last and rigor mortis will set in very quickly and … Continue reading

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We have reached a huge watershed in Australian political history. There is now no Member of the House of Representatives in the Australian Parliament who holds a safe seat, not one, no matter what their current majority may be, not even … Continue reading

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Neither George Pell nor Malcolm Turnbull are experiencing happy days at the moment. The Cardinal faces trial in a Victorian Court over significant matters relating to child abuse that are alleged to have occurred over several decades. The Prime Minister leads a political party … Continue reading

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The Angry Vote is growing throughout Australia and is doing so at an ever increasing pace as voters grow more and more disenchanted with a political establishment which is so appallingly out of touch with the aspirations of voters. Currently, Angry Voters … Continue reading

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On election eve, I have belatedly come to the reluctant conclusion that politicians and voters actually live in totally different worlds which are light years apart. In reality, the gap between people and the political establishment is huge, so much so that … Continue reading

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2016 – Turnbull year of destiny

My holiday reading included a very readable book called Born to Rule, an unauthorised biography of Malcolm Turnbull by veteran journalist Paddy Manning. I enjoyed it immensely. Paddy makes it clear he is not a Turnbull fan, but he treats … Continue reading

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Is there a prosperous future for the Australian Bush?

Have we killed the legacy of John Flynn? Out where the sun goes down, the people of the bush call him “Flynn of the Inland”. He was the man who, in the first half of the Twentieth Century, made a … Continue reading

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