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I am grateful for the gift of life that has been mine and I hope that I have managed to make a good contribution to the society in which I live. This being so, I don’t want to live if a time … Continue reading

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Future of Marriage

I voted YES because I do not believe that heterosexuals like me are finer human beings than homosexuals, nor are we entitled to any special privileges. So, I cheered mightily when YES won decisively and have now set out to play my part in healing the … Continue reading

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Pauline Hanson, Tony Abbott and Cory Bernardi all say that they are totally committed to the defence of the Australian Way of life. But, they differ broadly when they endeavour to explain to us what it is they are defending. Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten … Continue reading

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Neither George Pell nor Malcolm Turnbull are experiencing happy days at the moment. The Cardinal faces trial in a Victorian Court over significant matters relating to child abuse that are alleged to have occurred over several decades. The Prime Minister leads a political party … Continue reading

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