Everald Compton invites you on a unique journey through Australia’s past, present and future. His work is sure to keep you entertained, especially if you are a keen reader of Australian books.

A Beautiful Sunset

For half a century, Everald Compton has been an advocate for Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD). In this fascinating novel, Everald tells the stories of four very different people facing death, and within each he finds the very human story of coming to terms with the end of life.

This book adds a deep personal feeling to Voluntary Assisted Dying and will give the reader a clear understanding of the topic.

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Australian books. A Beautiful Sunset.

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Dinner with the Founding Fathers

Surely a unique read among Australian books. Join Australia’s founding fathers as they relive their great political and legal battles over a fictional dinner held ten years after the Federation of Australia.

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Australian books. Dinner with the Founding Fathers.

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The Man on the Twenty Dollar Notes

The Royal Flying Doctor Service is a revered legend of the development of Australia. However, few Australians are aware of the man who founded it – John Flynn – usually known as Flynn of the Inland. Historians regard Flynn, who died in 1951, as one of Australia’s greatest sons.

It is a story that every Australian should read, and its powerful drama has been captured by veteran author Everald Compton.

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Australian books. The Man on the Twenty Dollar Notes.

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