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On election eve, I have belatedly come to the reluctant conclusion that politicians and voters actually live in totally different worlds which are light years apart. In reality, the gap between people and the political establishment is huge, so much so that … Continue reading

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Time has come to search for Nation Builders

To find Australia’s last nation building venture we must go back two thirds of a century to the Snowy River. We have to take our minds back the same number of years to discover a nation builder, Flynn of the … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Australia must be an independent legal entity- currently no teeth, no money, no hope!

Of all the nations in G20, Australia’s record in creating modern infrastructure is the least progressive and most inefficient. There are two main reasons for this. One is that our outdated Federal Constitution leaves responsibility for infrastructure in the hands of … Continue reading

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Axed Advisory Panel partners with Per Capita on Ageing Blueprint

Per Capita, an independent, progressive think tank, is astounded at the decision of the new Federal Government to axe its Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing so close to the completion of the Panel’s Blueprint for Ageing. Per Capita considers it an … Continue reading

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The Commonwealth of The South Pacific

Creating a Union of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands In the 1890s, when the Federation of Australian States was being fervently debated, there were seven negotiating parties at the table — five States on the Continent, plus Tasmania … Continue reading

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