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2018 has been the most pointless of my 87 years. Nothing dreadful happened to me or Australia. It was just a boring time of decadent politics and absent ethics in which not one inspiring thing happened and there was much … Continue reading

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It is unfortunate that the word ‘welfare’, which used to mean well-being, now implies that recipients are unfortunate people who need to be propped up by the rest of society, much to the anger of an increasing majority who resent … Continue reading

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I am grateful for the gift of life that has been mine and I hope that I have managed to make a good contribution to the society in which I live. This being so, I don’t want to live if a time … Continue reading

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Contrary to what we are told by politicians and the media, the cost of welfare is not a major element among the issues that we face in achieving and sustaining the financial viability of Australia. Currently, the crippling costs to the economy are – … Continue reading

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Rating Malcolm

Australia has had 29 Prime Ministers – some excellent, a few worthy of special mention, many mediocre, some shockers. I thought that I would rate them while enjoying a wee dram of superb single malt scotch whisky – Lagavulin from the Isle … Continue reading

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On election eve, I have belatedly come to the reluctant conclusion that politicians and voters actually live in totally different worlds which are light years apart. In reality, the gap between people and the political establishment is huge, so much so that … Continue reading

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It is an indisputable fact that pensioners in Australia have been underpaid for more than a century. Nevertheless, little mention of it is being made in the Australian Election of 2016. In truth, there is a defining silence surrounding it … Continue reading

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We are two weeks into the 2016 Australian Election and I have waited in vain to hear any policies of vision and conviction from either the Coalition, the Opposition or the Greens that will stir my passion as a proud Australian who wants to build … Continue reading

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The Remains of a Year of Tumult

I have been around for 84 years, none of them ever boring, but 2015 has been a corker. Happily, the two most incompetent political leaders of my era were removed from power – Tony Abbott in Canberra and Campbell Newman … Continue reading

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Century of Age Pension guessing

Andrew Fisher and Alfred Deakin met at the Melbourne Club for lunch in 1908 to agree on legislation that would give Australians an Age Pension for the first time. The figure that they chose for the initial pension was the amount they … Continue reading

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Whenever our nation is in crisis we yearn for the good old days when threats like this did not happen. Whenever we avoid a crisis we say it is because we honoured old traditions that were certain to keep us … Continue reading

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When Tony Abbott became Prime Minister he made an extraordinary decision not to appoint a Minister for Ageing even though the entire planet faces a huge crisis in which the population is ageing faster than at any time in the … Continue reading

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The Political Legacy of Don Randall

Back in February, the late Don Randall was one of two Western Australian Liberal MP’s who moved a spill motion in the Party Room intended to force their Prime Minister to face a challenge for his position.

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Finding a role in a diminishing workforce

I am enjoying my ninth decade on the planet totally convinced that the enhanced prosperity of Australia depends on people of my age continuing in either full or part time employment.

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