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I was born and bred in the Australian bush. There, I went to a tiny bush school which had eleven students whose parents worked in the local timber mill. I enjoyed many happy days in a prosperous little community that … Continue reading

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Iowa sends message to Australia

I have been an avid student of politics all my life, with American Presidential Elections always having a special fascination. My first experience of it was in 1940 when I was just 9 years old. I clearly remember sitting by … Continue reading

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When Tony Abbott became Prime Minister he made an extraordinary decision not to appoint a Minister for Ageing even though the entire planet faces a huge crisis in which the population is ageing faster than at any time in the … Continue reading

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There is only one way to succeed in a rapidly changing world and that is to walk positively and confidently towards every challenge while looking constantly for the light on the hill. As a nation we are now doing the exact opposite, … Continue reading

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Finding a role in a diminishing workforce

I am enjoying my ninth decade on the planet totally convinced that the enhanced prosperity of Australia depends on people of my age continuing in either full or part time employment.

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Carbon – A debate without end.

In his Budget Reply speech last month, Tony Abbott resoundingly confirmed his previously-stated intention to immediately repeal the Carbon Tax if he is elected Prime Minister in September. This means that the nation as a whole now needs to consider … Continue reading

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Do we get value for money from the NBN?

Everyone on earth has to face the fact that we have entered an era of digital revolution which will change our lives irrevocably. Even the most primitive tribesman in the remotest part of the world will find that, if he … Continue reading

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The war over power prices.

The “war” over power prices reached a crescendo last month with the Prime Minister and Premiers blaming one another for the excessively high power prices from which we currently suffer. However, we should all stop playing the blame game for … Continue reading

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Wayne Swan’s admiration of Bruce Springsteen

Wayne Swan’s admiration of Bruce Springsteen got him plenty of headlines last month and caused Joe Hockey to make some self-righteous responses. It was a delightful way for Swan to turn the debate away from the monotony of the carbon tax … Continue reading

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