We are two weeks into the 2016 Australian Election and I have waited in vain to hear any policies of vision and conviction from either the Coalition, the Opposition or the Greens that will stir my passion as a proud Australian who wants to build and expand the quality of our nation.

Sadly, I have stared at a barren waste.

Our politicians have missed the heart beat of the nation. They are talking to the old fashioned electorate of yesteryear that no long exists.

Nevertheless, there is little to be gained by being an armchair critic. So, I must put pen to paper and comment on some crucial policies that are lamentably missing from the political rhetoric. I reckon they will set alight our national fervour if we can discover just one political leader who will run with them and make them happen.

The first is to recognise that the rapid ageing of the population will destroy our nation economically and socially unless we urgently develop and implement a visionary plan to turn grey into gold.

So crucial is this issue that it is both lamentable and irresponsible that it is not a priority for any party.

A Minister for Longevity must be appointed and have powers to coordinate a strategy to develop visionary policies on pensions, superannuation, savings, mature age employment, age friendly housing, health, nursing homes, home care services, homelessness, transport, technology, volunteering, philanthropy, discrimination and intergenerational partnerships etc, etc.

This Minister must have Cabinet status and be located within Treasury with power to coordinate the efforts of every Minister who covers any of the issues listed above so ageing can be turned into an asset within five years.

There is no more important issue facing the nation. It is a far greater challenge than Climate Change and I say this as a staunch environmentalist.

At the same time, we need a massive investment in water to make our nation droughtproof. The challenge has been before us since the first fleet arrived 225 years ago. We found the driest continent on earth and have concentrated on plundering it.

We waste 90% of the water that falls on the continent and do our best to contaminate the remainder.

It will take only a small investment to divert tropical water into the Murray Darling and Lake Eyre river systems as well as the Pilbara. Additionally, there is huge capacity to build new dams in isolated areas of agricultural productivity.

Instead, we just make many welfare handouts every time there is a drought, which is very often. This is the dumbest of dumb politics as our capacity to feed the world will pay for the water investments in the medium term.

An initial investment of 25 billion dollars will get it going. That is just two years of the money that Australians waste on gambling.

Then, we must make a major assault on Affordable Housing. Australia is 500,000 units short due to the fact that negative gearing has caused reckless investment of conventional units that are too costly. They are not designed to meet the special needs of those who are old or handicapped or students, all of whom are priced out of the market.

The problem can be solved by confining negative gearing solely to affordable housing and by governments making airspace above railway stations available free of charge so that accommodation towers can be built with a mix of accommodation for students, the aged and the handicapped.

There are many more major issues that we can tackle but I intend to concentrate my personal election efforts on those three.

But, I will also lend a willing hand to those who are backing a number of significant social concerns. For example, just a few of them are,

*Treating refugees as human beings of value, while ridding our nation of the blot of unjustifiable hatred against them when they have the potential to become productive innovative Australians. We can do it by not electing politicians who go to extremes to win the racist vote.

*Becoming a Republic with a new flag that omits the Union Jack. We are long overdue to stop grovelling before British Royalty and grow up. Those who don’t want to be proud independent Australians might be happier if they migrate to England.

*Allow Same Sex Marriage. Heterosexuals have made an awful mess of marriage but pompously want to sit in judgement of others and tell them who they are allowed to fall in love with.

*Recognise Indigenous Australians in our Constitution. They occupied this continent for 50,000 years before the British invasion and kept the environment in better shape than whites have done.

What I am really trying to convey is that the Australian Election of 2 July, 2016, is the ideal time for the greatest of all democratic revolutions where the Coalition or the ALP are forced to work in partnership with the Greens, Xenophon & Independents to come to a consensus on the great issues that challenge our nation so we become a shining light to a world that struggles desperately to find peace, stability, prosperity and justice.

Yours at Large

Everald Compton

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  1. Everald again you have ….taken the words right out of my mouth. Damn the Northern Rivers was real popular amongst my friends and on facebook. In fact one night a guy rang up Ross Greenwood the finance guy on 3AW at 7pm saying this. Ross, for once could NOT answer why not ? Our future fund could easily start to finance this like many savvy nations overseas have done. Think Canadian pension funds ! As always I spruik the crops of Hemp + Medicinal Cannabis not smoked made to Australia Standards by Aussie companies paying tax. Colorado Israel Spain Brazil Mexico now Germany now on board and would buy from us. Tourism on the rivers/lakes, let alone our worlds best fresh water shellfish, crabs, lobster, oysters. Glad to see NT Adam Giles has started a Hemp trial employing many aboriginal people, and another National park up there employing aboriginal rangers/workers. Start the VFTrain perhaps in all states from the capital to one of the major regional cities. Victoria to Bendigo 1 hour commute to Melbourne. Trains and trams made in Dandenong Vic. jobs. Housing affordable there. Sale VFTrain or extend the airforce base to carry commercial flights.

    Seniors are sick of getting the blame for the failures of all parties. We had $1.2B taken off Aged care – shows the disrespect ! Start to Build for the Ageing population please see http://www.Freedom Housing.com.au – a home for Life, all ages all abilities. Starting thinking of other more affordable building materials other than bricks/mortar. Shipping containers $35,000 refurbished or join 2. Italy just made a concrete shell type home which one can have rendered or half in the ground down or backwards much more thermal friendly – cost for shell $3,000. Perhaps we need to reign in the child tax benefits after 2 children … there are others needing a slice of that $7,500 pie per child.

    Do not ignore the needs of seniors who paid tax all their lives …. pretty soon we will be close to being a major number of voters to win over and the support of our children ……

    I think the 3 will be in for a real big scare this time round and all will lose many many votes. Seniors are no longer sitting in silence being dictated to.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Everald.

    The ‘Coles-Woolies’ nature of our current politics needs to be ‘put to bed’ NOW, and PERMANENTLY.
    The broad electorate will not accord our leaders/parties respect until they get their houses in order and PUT AN END to the obscene increases in salaries and entitlements and retirement ‘benefits’—every SIX months.
    Particularly, when even local government is at end of the ‘snouts-in-the-trough/ cascade of cash’.
    And dare we dream of the day when party politics will (again ?) be ‘taboo’ at the same level of government ?
    Over the last year i have tried to advance the ideal of ‘CARING WITH INTEGRITY’, here in Maryborough, Qld., and now, a major initiative in community health—“AN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HEALTH PREVENTIONS (APPLICABLE TO WIDE BAY) IN 2017.”
    Sadly, there seems very little capacity for empathy , much less for mercy, until our leaders perhaps, have a tough time, themselves, or until someone of the moral stature of Pope Francis confronts them in love.
    I agree that our people are crying out for compassionate, principled leadership, or do we have consider the nightmare of the democratic rise of another Adolf Hitler—as current trends overseas, are already suggesting ?
    Thanks for reading this,

  3. Gabrielle Drinkwater

    OH! Everald, ARE THEY INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO HEED YOUR WISDOM??? I FEAR NOT of late.I’m hearing poverty tales of OUR SENIOR CITS.Daily..WE HAVE MUCH to OFFER,THEM!!!YES US!!! MI mini Mansions Australia

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