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Let us for the moment presume that Bill Shorten will become Prime Minister of Australia on Saturday evening. Once he settles into the job, I will seek a meeting with him to advocate a number of changes to the way … Continue reading

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I have never before in my 86 years encountered an era in which so many Australians are utterly disenchanted with, or distrusting of, politics. This means that there exists a once in a lifetime opportunity to make huge changes in the way Australia … Continue reading

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Political Reformation

Bill Shorten has recommended to Malcolm Turnbull that they join together in a bi-partisan attempt to hold a Referendum on Constitutional Change which will enable the Australian Parliament to have four year fixed terms. To his credit, Turnbull has left the door open for further … Continue reading

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We are two weeks into the 2016 Australian Election and I have waited in vain to hear any policies of vision and conviction from either the Coalition, the Opposition or the Greens that will stir my passion as a proud Australian who wants to build … Continue reading

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Whenever our nation is in crisis we yearn for the good old days when threats like this did not happen. Whenever we avoid a crisis we say it is because we honoured old traditions that were certain to keep us … Continue reading

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The Royals and the Nazi Salute

I was at Primary School when Hitler rose to power in the pre-war era of the 1930’s and thought of him as a big joke.

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Peter Fitzsimons and the Republic

One of my life’s privileges is that I count Peter Fitzsimons as one of my friends, and I have enjoyed reading all of his books. His latest “Eureka” ranks with “Batavia” as his best. It is sub-titled “The Unfinished Revolution”. … Continue reading

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Perils of a Colonial Heritage

Most of us leave home at some stage of our lives to find our feet in a brave new world, but Australia is unable to stop hanging on to the apron strings of dear old England. At age 224, its … Continue reading

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