Whenever our nation is in crisis we yearn for the good old days when threats like this did not happen. Whenever we avoid a crisis we say it is because we honoured old traditions that were certain to keep us safe. Of course, as we all know, there has never been any such things as good old days, nor could we revive them even if there were. We just enjoy a bit of nostalgia here and there.

I will always remember Tony Abbott’s term as Prime Minister as the era when we had a leader who spent 99% of his time looking backwards and trying to take our entire nation with him on his search for the security of yesterday, while never finding it because it has never existed.

One simple example of his wasted journey was the decision to anoint Knights and Dames once more, as stupid a decision as any Prime Minister ever made, but at least it gave millions of Aussies a good laugh.

It could be that he made decisions like that to divert our attention from the real challenges that faced the nation, changes we must make if we are to be a stable, humane and progressive society.

Here are just a few of the unavoidable changes to which he turned a blind eye simply because they will detract from the glory of yesterday. The list really is quite revealing as not one of them are a threat.

*Indigenous recognition in the Constitution

*Same Sex Marriage

*Creation of a Republic

*Reform of the Senate

*Climate Change

*The need for a rapidly ageing nation to have adequate retirement incomes and housing

*A revolution of public transport in capital cities so as to get cars off roads.

*Carrying freight on railways instead of roads

*Drought proofing the continent

*Building a close relationship with Indonesia

*Honouring international laws on refugees

*Replacing outdated infrastructure

Plus a dozen more.

Thankfully, Malcolm Turnbull has an expansive mind that looks forward not backwards. So there is hope.

I hope that Bill Shorten shows us that he too has no fear of the future although it is worrying that he can’t see a world that has no trade unions, in the same way as Abbott could not envisage a world without churches.

What we can all learn from Abbott’s fear of the future is that it is futile to overlook the undeniable fact that,

*The world will change more in the next five years than it has done in the previous century

*There is no such thing as certainty.

*We achieve nothing by creating fear

*The only security is found in our own souls

*Australia will prosper if we have open minds, expansive vision and the courage to take risks.

Let the past remain where it is while we enjoy the unlocking of the mysteries of the future.

Yours @ Large

Everald Compton

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  1. Geoff Blogg

    Hi Everald
    It seems that Tony Abbott Was a “leader” we just had to have – a bit like Kevin Rudd.
    We now have a prime minister that shows some promise but he talks the talk, can he walk the walk!
    I may be put down as a cynic but I feel that we need to see some scores on the board and not just rhetoric before we can make a judgement of his real leadership potential.
    I know that we have to give him time to get his feet under the desk and get on with the job but the clock is ticking. We are a nation that has had four prime ministers in four years which does give us the taint of being a banana republic.
    However, a republic is what we should be and the visit of a jaded prince and his consort (god forbid) only reinforces and strengthens that view.
    Keep up the good work Everald


    Hello Everald, OH my relief for us ALL with the removal of THE ABBOTT…I still long to put a $10.00 note in his hand and say “Go back to where YOU came from”!!!, as I was always sure he was ONLY about getting recognition AND PERHAPS a bestowal from QE2..AND probably to live in the OLD COUNTRY for his retirement…OR go live in The Papal arena…I do not like feeling as strongly against a person as I do him, however my gut from his earliest days,sent WARNINGS!! CHURCH and POLITICS must NOT be the deciding factors and I still await SOME REAL effect on the life of George Pell as I THINK he has much to answer….WOT a few years it has been..Also I was concerned about Bombing Syria and becoming a more hated Nation because of it…? Hope Life is good Everald..lovely to read your words as always, thank you. Gabrielle Drinkwater.

    Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2015 00:35:31 +0000 To:

  3. David Callander

    G’day Everald,
    I read in the print media that the Australian Government are giving South Sudan and Somalia a total of 14million dollars to help them out of whatever crisis is currently happening. Whilst I understand that Australia, like most other countries, give aid and help out the not so fortunate ones, surely 14 million dollars would go a long way to help Australians that are in crisis. The landmark water project that you have been involved in for example, those of us that are out here in the bush, the wheat, cotton, cattle farmers all need help. Without decent rain there won’t be crops, for the third year in a row. We need the water. Give the bush battler the water, he’ll turn it into crops which equals food. Give our excess food to Sudan.

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