The Royals and the Nazi Salute

I was at Primary School when Hitler rose to power in the pre-war era of the 1930’s and thought of him as a big joke.

Most of my mates would get around the school yard with me as we marched with goosesteps and gave Nazi salutes. Some of us used to paint ourselves with his stupid moustache. One day our teacher gave a chocolate to the one who looked most like Hitler. I won and we all laughed our heads off.

Of course, those happy days turned to horror when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939. We stopped our Hitler games immediately.

The media is now making a huge issue of newly discovered photos of Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose playing in the Palace Gardens while giving the Nazi salute with smiles on their faces, just like millions of us did world wide. They must be desperate for news.

The reality is that it wasn’t the Princesses who were a problem. It was their uncle, the former King Edward, who was the Nazi sympathiser. When he abdicated to marry his long time mistress Wallis Simpson, they visited Germany to tour the country with Hitler and were greeted by vast cheering crowds.

A book on the subject has just been released. Written by Royal biographer, Andrew Morton, and entitled ’17 Carnations’, it gives a detailed account of Edward’s hope that Britain would seek peace and Hitler would grant it provided Edward was restored to the British throne. Wallis is recorded as having done her best to achieve this sad dream, allegedly sleeping with German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop 17 times and receiving a carnation on every occasion.

But, many historical records show that King George publicly and constantly denounced his brother, being deeply distressed by it all. His daughter Elizabeth joined the British Army for the fight against Hitler.

I am a staunch Republican campaigning strongly for Australia to have its own Head of State and a new Flag by 2020.

Nevertheless, I remain a great admirer of Queen Elizabeth and will continue to applaud her as a person long after Australia has cut its British ties. She has dignity and class.

In my humble view, she is the most distinguished Royal of any nation in my lifetime and possibly the best that old England has ever produced.

Yours at Large

Everald Compton

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  1. Terry Bowring

    How true, the media is running short of content when posting games of junior royals

    Terry Bowring

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