For 75 years, the Liberal Party of Australia has been a respected and enduring institution of our nation which will be remembered kindly for many notable achievements.

However, it is breathing its last and rigor mortis will set in very quickly and permanently.

Its record over the past few years has been so lamentable that few will weep.

The death spiral began when Fraser illegally removed Whitlam in 1975, then governed with such a guilty conscience that he will be remembered as a very dismal Prime Minister.

Temporarily, Howard steadied the ship, but the rot set in when Turnbull ruthlessly destroyed Nelson and Abbott replaced Turnbull in as stupid a ballot as has ever been held.

Abbott’s reign in Opposition and Government was as close to insanity as can be imagined and Turnbull let down Australia in everything that he did and did not do, a huge disappointment to me personally and many like me.

Now Morrison is an illegitimate Prime Minister, not accepted in this high office, as he was put there by 45 people, most of whom the nation disrespects.

It is all over. Nothing can save the Liberals, absolutely nothing.

Why is it so? Let’s take a look at the future.

Essentially, the ultra negative manifesto of the stricken Party is this.

They hate the Labor Party and its Trade Unions. They also despise climate change advocates, gays, refugees, muslims, aborigines, welfare recipients and female Parliamentarians. They love the Queen more than Australia and prop up those whose main motivation in life is greed. And they love to frighten us into voting for them.

So what happens next.

They will be wiped out at the Federal Elections of 2019, reduced to a few seats. Their Coalition partners, the Nationals will be reduced to no more than two.

A new leader, Frydenberg, will be elected and he will commence the huge task of building a new Party. I will help him, even though I have never ever joined a political Party and won’t join his, because we were mates before he entered Parliament.

His first task will be to expel Abbott and those of his mates who refuse to re-join the human race. Cory Bernardi will give them refuge.

He will have to rename the Party because the Liberal brand has been irretrievably trashed.

Then, he must regain and reinvolve the millions of moderate Australians who now feel that the Liberals have betrayed them and left them unrepresented in the political scene as they will not back the ALP while it is affiliated with Trade Unions that control their funding.

It will take two full parliamentary terms for Frydenberg to achieve this huge task and he will then be in a position to win an Election so long so long as he has developed a simple economic and social agenda based around an new philosophy called THE SHARED GOOD based on a level playing field, equal opportunity and visionary aspirations in an unpolluted world.

I wish him well.

While the Liberals are being reformed, the ALP must face up to its own demons if its wants to become the natural Party of government.

It will never get there while the Unions are tied around their neck like a huge albatross. Those Unions directly represent less than 10% of the nation and they have one sole philosophy – naked power. The future of the ALP lies with the millions of intelligent Australians who are politically left of centre, but who won’t have anything to do with Unions. The ALP has to decide who their powerbase are. If they choose Unions they too will die in the next decade.

Shorten does however have an immediate problem.

Because of his quite extraordinary personal unpopularity, mainly caused by voters blaming him for the assassination of Rudd then Gillard, there are millions of disenchanted Liberal voters who will not vote for him. They have no choice but to vote for Independents. I expect twenty Independents to be in the next Parliament, but they will be a good quality of responsible person relatively untainted by the sickness of party politics.

So, Shorten’s margin in the House will be small and he will have a hostile Senate.

Before his inevitable demise, Morrison can do one fine thing for the nation which will cause Australians to remember him fondly.

On Election Day in 2019, he can arrange for a Constitutional Referendum to be held which will make it mandatory for a Governor General to call an immediate General Election when a Party in Government changes its Prime Minister so the people can say whether or not they endorse the change. Never again must a Party be allowed to decide who is the Prime Minister. It is a decision of the people of Australia.

This change will cause MP’s in marginal seats to think twice before tossing out a Prime Minister.

Will all this make the people of Australia more respectful of their Parliament? One can only hope so.

Right now they think it is at the bottom of the garbage can.

Yours at large.


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  1. Liz Cooke

    Everald, i always enjoy reading your comments and also the comments of your readers. I agree that some times trade unions do not do what they say they will do and as in all organisations there are members and officials who break the law. The recent Royal Commissions into the banks and child sexual abuse illustrate that some of the most powerful institutions in our society are capable of unlawful and harmful conduct. I do not condone unlawful conduct by any institution. The unions are not innocents however, in the absence of another organization that represents the powerless individual employee they are a necessity. There must always be a voice for the powerless. I wonder if the reduced power of Trade Unions is a reason for the lack of wage increases? Having seen the wage for my former position reduce from $36 ph in 2002 to $28 today I believe this to be because union membership has ceased in this workplace. Unions which represent their members according to the law are necessary. I would be interested to know why their sins are any worse than the sins of other institutions. Has anyone done a cost benefit analysis and weighed the harm to individuals, groups and the community? It is difficult to be objective when everything is viewed through our own perspectives. We must be prepared to allow others the same rights that we demand for ourselves!

  2. Bryan Gilmour

    Thanks Everald, We certainly need good strong debate in Parliament to arrive at the’Common Good’, not the unceasing backbiting, mudslinging party politicing, that not only belittles and destroys but is hellbent on killing any thought that comes from the Opposition. Yes, right now we need a strong band of genuine independents whose sole role and responsibility is to arrive at the ‘Common Good ‘ together. to take our country, I hope, out of this present mess, we will need 20 or more independents emerging who are statesmen and stateswomen, who can begin to shape a stable government and productive policy.

    Bryan Gilmour

  3. Tim Bullen

    Everald With all due respect Australia needs much more than a Constutional change as you recommend Charles Mollison’s book has ideas which I feel deserve serious attention At any rate, material change in Australian politics and government structure will require a lengthy and technical debate over many years History shows that systems must collapse before they are replaced…that is our nature which cannot be changed…we are APES apprehensive, pattern seeking, emotional, story tellers Sincerely Tim Bullen

  4. Lorraine Hearn

    Thanks Everald. Agree with your comments but I also believe that the independents entering parliament this coming election will be mainly women. As the Liberal party seem not to want to pre select women into their party. Cheers Lorraine Hearn

  5. Col Clifford

    Hi Everald,

    Would you be available at 9.45 this Thursday morning for a chat to Graham about this latest post?

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  6. terry Bowring

    Cant quite agree that Libs are gone for some time, I find Morrison to be a strong potential leader and hope former libs will support him. labour has done well in Vic but with there feds never offering much comment apart from disagreeing with opposition I see less hope for them in Fed election

    Terry Bowring

  7. Carlo Bongarzoni

    Everald – you won’t be surprised at my response I’m sure. Firstly you are probably correct about liberal demise for at least a considerable period. But not only for the reasons that you proffer. I should first digress….those more right minded than you have become over a number of years include not just me but also Lloyd and Richard whom you highly regarded during their time with NSA. Others of like thinking will also probably fall into that category. None of us is dumb; nor blinded by reality! All of us can see a long wilderness period ahead driven by Labor until the country and its people recognise the bewitching fallacy that progressive left, big government policies and control fail what even now is a lazy country that loves being given all sorts of subsidies and hand outs while debt mounts up, fewer pay taxes and those with aspiration are balked at every turn. Labor government – beholden to the TUs with less than 10% workforce coverage – will ruin Australia, as Corben would/will ruin the UK, and as Labour did to the UK before Thatcher.

    I appreciate that no one political ideology has all the answers – but one thing is certain, no truly left wing ideology has prevailed for long without ruining its people and country. Hawke and Keating are exceptions as others are in various places. But only where they acknowledged the democratically powerful success of market-drive economies (caveat being a social conscience!). So at the end of this latest Labor experiment for Australia this country will struggle to regain its true momentum and potential to benefit across the board.

    Unfortunately the conservatives won’t regain ground until they work out who and what they stand for and importantly find leaders capable of strategic thinking, integrity and ability to narrate and sell their product. They will also need to acquire the wherewithal to outsmart Labor’s on the ground smarts and misinformation approaches; their duplicitous helpers like Get Up; and the millions made available to them by the union movement.

    In some respects the Australian scenario is reflecting quite a number of other democracies – all being steadily coerced towards what can only be termed socialist directions. Crazy really because most socialist or other extremely autocratic experiments have failed with miserable results for those living within their orbits. The abhorrence that is thrown at Abbott is hysteric for instance. He may not have achieved a great deal as PM but he went about his business in an above board manner. He was not a leader who could take the people with him and he made some ridiculous mistakes. But he had two principles lacking in most if not all of our recent leaders – conviction and a genuine commitment to do his best for the nation. I can think of no recent or current Labor leader of that ilk and certainly none at present among the Coalition.

    Our system of politics and government needs changing so that the people’s voice counts for much more at all levels of society. That won’t happen under Labor or any of the current Establishment leaders. So overall – Western society is facing into one of those times when governments think they know best and take us through a controlled era that saps our values, our aspirations, our economies and our rights. The road back will come – eventually but not without struggle, conflict, and loss before we restore democracy with all of its faults except two. The capitalistic elements will need to imbue their operations with strong social responsibility principles; and voters have more say in major decisions affecting their lives.

    History is riddled with changes of this nature and we never seem to learn. At the moment America is attempting to hold the fort but with an eccentric, unpredictable egotistical leader. The one thing he is doing right is disrupting the establishment institutions around the world that believe they know best and that they should run the show. But the UN, the world bank, the EU and the American institutional establishment all need disrupting for they achieve little and are obligated to no one. Power corrupts power etc. And yes Brexit was the right vote! It’s just that the UK govt ie the Establishment is doing its best to stuff it all up.

    No Everald I’m not a fanatical right-winger. I’m a thinker and observer about what’s best for the society I live in and the world at large. That means that I am as socially responsible as you and any other leftie – but not holding the ideologies of that genre. I’ve also voted Labor 3 times because I thought them the best for our nation’s needs at the time. What’s the point of having a democratically elected government when so many people keep voting only for the same party. Doesn’t make much sense because there will always be times when the opposition would be the better government for the circumstances facing the country.

    I don’t mind if you delete me from your mailing list by the way. But an open mind is essential in all phases of life and situations. Regards carlo

    Carlo Bongarzoni

    Carlo Bongarzoni Associates P/L

    9 Russell Street

    Clontarf NSW 2093

    T/F 9948 8975; 0410 335 523

  8. Sue-Ellen Deacon

    Thanks Everald. All the best for Christmas and 2019. Loved your “gospel” as usual. Would love to catch up with you again one day. Kind regards Sue-Ellen

  9. Chris Guille

    Good post Everald ! Hope to speak to Valerie
    and Ross tomorrow .

    Sent from my iPhone

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