The Angry Vote is growing throughout Australia and is doing so at an ever increasing pace as voters grow more and more disenchanted with a political establishment which is so appallingly out of touch with the aspirations of voters.

Currently, Angry Voters see Pauline Hanson as their only vehicle for protest, but most of them don’t like her personally. She is simply a political convenience.

But, even if Turnbull and Shorten manage to destroy her, an event which is highly doubtful, the Angry Vote will remain and grow even faster.

The fact is that all those disenchanted souls need a new political home, another knight in shining armour.

The only possible candidate is BARNABY JOYCE.

This raises an unanswered question.


Let me try to answer it this way.

Malcolm Turnbull is in the twilight of his life as Prime Minister and of his political career. He looks like a Prime Minister, has the intelligence to be Prime Minister and tries to act like the Prime Minister, but fails embarrassingly because he lacks political nous.

His situation is irretrievable as 90% of voters believe that he stands for nothing except wanting to be Prime Minister.

But, he will lead the Liberals into the next Election because no one else has the numbers to replace him, certainly not Abbott.

He will lose badly and be replaced as Leader by Josh Frydenberg.

Knowing this as an absolute certainty, there is no future whatsoever for Barnaby if he remains in the Coalition.

He can thrash Hanson by winning the Angry Vote as he is the best retail politician in Australia. But, he cannot do it while he remains with either Turnbull or the Coalition or both. He has to leave.

He will permanently remove Hanson if he ignores her realm of hate and racism and sticks to reviving the old fashioned values of the bush that he is supposed to represent – hard work, responsibility, mateship, decency, generosity, fair go and the building of a great Australia by investing in infrastructure which will control floods, provide water for droughts and lower the costs of transport.

My forecast is that Barnaby will lead the Nationals out of the Coalition sometime before the Queensland Election, break up the LNP in that State, and bury Hanson in that poll.

Then, he will win every rural seat in the Federal Election, plus some in the suburbs as many city dwellers feel they are being totally screwed.

He won’t get enough seats to win power in his own right, but no one will govern without him.

Shorten will, by default, lead a minority government and will be utterly dependent on Barnaby. It won’t last long.

Bill’s problem is that there are very few voters getting around Australia saying ‘Bill Shorten must be our Prime Minister’. Nevertheless, Malcolm has created enough enemies to enable Bill to stumble over the line with sufficient seats to put him in front of the Liberals.

Barnaby will do far better than Pauline ever dreamed of and will hold the balance of power in both Houses as he will destroy the entire cross bench at the same time as he demolishes Hanson.

He will find himself to be where the founders of the Nationals wanted the Party to be when it began a century ago. It was always intended that it would hold the balance of power at every election and demand justice for the bush. However, their MP’s ratted on them, went into right wing Coalitions and sold their souls. Its time to correct that huge blunder.

So, what will be the long term ramifications of all of this?

Firstly, there will be a long overdue clean out of the Parliament. There are far too many hack politicians warming seats. We just have to make sure that the good guys survive – and there are some whose survival is important to Australia.

The ALP will be forced to shed its Trade Union base if it ever again wants to win power in its own right. We must never again have political parties controlled by a small coterie of power brokers.

For the same reason, the Liberals will be forced to shed the big end of town. They are more evil than any Trade Union as they are dominated by a culture of greed.

The Greens will just die because the days of narrow ideologies are at an end.

One day, there will be just two parties -centre left and centre right – with all elections publicly funded so wealthy guys or groups can no longer control results.

In the meantime, Barnaby will have put rural and regional Australia back on the political, economic and social map. No party will ever again fail to invest in the whole continent.

Let’s hear from Barnaby.

Yours at Large

Everald Compton

My book on the life of Flynn of the Inland, ‘THE MAN ON THE TWENTY DOLLAR NOTES’, now has sales exceeding 4000 copies. You can buy it on my website –

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15 thoughts on “BARNABY or HANSON

  1. Liz Cooke

    It frustrates me that we humans always look to a great man or a messiah if you will, who is going to lead us forth out of our troubles. Unfortunately, no one man/woman is ever capable of doing this because that man/woman has only one perspective – their own. I am not wise enough to know how to harness the wisdom of multiple perspectives, but we need to try harder to establish a way forward that encompasses the welfare of all.

  2. Geoff Blogg

    Hi Everald,
    Interesting thoughts but I just cannot see Barnaby as an emerging leader of our nation – he suffers from “foot in the mouth” too often for my liking!. I see nothing that will stop Pauline from harnessing the disgruntled vote in Qld and winning a swag of seats here. Pauline does have a problem with some of her selected candidates and “shooting from the hip” with some of her comments.

  3. Woss

    Bustling Barnaby eh straight shooter but PM ?
    Pauline is what Pauline is because generally politicians are regarded with contempt
    Pauline is what you see what you get style politician
    Jackie L same mold
    Shorten could only get PM by default not by ability

  4. Little John of WA

    An interesting article, but not sure that Barnaby Joyce is the right man to solve the problem, Australia wide.

  5. I am 101% in agreement with you, Everald — but 101% expecting to be proved wrong. ‘Politics’ never produces the obviously best way forward, only the third or fourth best compromise will do — and we, the tax-paying voters lose out every time……….de Maupassant.

  6. Col Clifford

    Hi Everald,

    Would love to organise a chat with Graham re this latest Everald comment. I have a spot live to air next Wednesday 26th at 12.35 or a pre-record on Thursday 27th at 10am. Hope one of these will suit.


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  7. constitutionalreform

    Hi Everald

    Congratulations on having the guts to say what you think.

    However, for the record, I think you are wrong with your predictions here.

    The new force in politics will be Cory Bernardi – not Barnaby or Hansen.

    Barnaby will not take the Nationals out of the Coalition because that would be suicidal for both the Liberals and the Nationals and he is smart enough to know this.



  8. A lot of merit and wisdom here Everald BUT I have never thought about Barnaby as an alternative to Pauline, BUT until I can vote for Barnaby without also casting a vote for the bunch of dills attempting unsuccessfully to run the country, I will remain BLOODY ANGRY and continue to vote for Pauline.

  9. Barry Renaud

    Agree with your thoughts – may e3ven get some key bush projects up in the aftermath as we discussed a year or two back.
    Hope you are keeping well – your work is not done yet.
    Barry Renaud

  10. Carlo Bongarzoni

    Everald a very astute and different perspective. You’ll be amazed that I agree totally with almost all of your content. I nor anybody else I know have thought of this development. It makes much sense. Question is whether Barnaby has thought of it and if so whether he can carry his party with him? And don’t forget Dutton – he seems to be the newest winning support as a potential leader. But of course I know you won’t have forgotten him. The angry vote is growing fast and it’s hard to meet anyone who is not angry which of course we all have cause to be. At lunch with Peter Miller ad Val Pratt today we mentioned you with interest as always so it was pleasing to find this waiting on the box. Regards to you and Helen – carlo

    Carlo Bongarzoni

    Carlo Bongarzoni Associates P/L

    9 Russell Street

    Clontarf NSW 2093

    T/F 9948 8975; 0410 335 523

  11. Gabrielle Drinkwater

    Angry at Abbotts blind disregard and selfrighteousness. He is yesterday’s man and STILL anti natural energy aspect of the Power Sources we have in abundance. Suspect HE is a big cause, certainly for me, of disquiet in Voter confidence..We have volitility w/ threat on Vietnam Peninsula and ALL Abbott seems to think of is”REVENGE!! GO Tony IF you care about Australia and not just YOU!!! Please.

  12. Brian Peat

    Hi I am not sure I agree with all of your assessments. Certainly Turnbull is gone and dusted. Barnaby needs to take a stand for his party as you say. Hansen will around and cause major problems for Qld elections. I think you might under estimate Abbotts following now that Turnbull has blown his chances.
    We will wait and see though

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