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For 75 years, the Liberal Party of Australia has been a respected and enduring institution of our nation which will be remembered kindly for many notable achievements. However, it is breathing its last and rigor mortis will set in very quickly and … Continue reading

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EGO defeats NOUS

When John Howard departed the political scene in 2007, there began an era of instability that has all but destroyed legitimate democracy in Australia. I am in my 87th year on this planet and I have never witnessed a more … Continue reading

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Pauline Hanson, Tony Abbott and Cory Bernardi all say that they are totally committed to the defence of the Australian Way of life. But, they differ broadly when they endeavour to explain to us what it is they are defending. Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten … Continue reading

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In my schooldays in the bush, the farmers around my little timber town often had the unpleasant task of putting down an animal that was in such bad shape that the most humane step was to end its existence. Last week, I … Continue reading

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Neither George Pell nor Malcolm Turnbull are experiencing happy days at the moment. The Cardinal faces trial in a Victorian Court over significant matters relating to child abuse that are alleged to have occurred over several decades. The Prime Minister leads a political party … Continue reading

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Goodbye Menzies

The great political party, The Liberals, formed by Robert Menzies seven decades ago, is in its death throes. It has been assassinated by right wing zealots, none of whom would have ever been welcomed into its ranks by Australia’s longest serving Prime … Continue reading

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In recent weeks, I have watched with acute embarrassment the appalling spectacle of Bill Shorten scaring the hell out of us about a possible increase in the GST and Malcolm Turnbull doing likewise with Negative Gearing. They treated us all as … Continue reading

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The Remains of a Year of Tumult

I have been around for 84 years, none of them ever boring, but 2015 has been a corker. Happily, the two most incompetent political leaders of my era were removed from power – Tony Abbott in Canberra and Campbell Newman … Continue reading

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When Tony Abbott became Prime Minister he made an extraordinary decision not to appoint a Minister for Ageing even though the entire planet faces a huge crisis in which the population is ageing faster than at any time in the … Continue reading

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The Political Legacy of Don Randall

Back in February, the late Don Randall was one of two Western Australian Liberal MP’s who moved a spill motion in the Party Room intended to force their Prime Minister to face a challenge for his position.

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For whom the bell tolls – The last days of Rudd or Abbott or both.

Saturday will be a time of great personal relief for the vast majority of Australian voters. After the most painful and boring election of a lifetime, we will have made the decision that most of us would prefer not to … Continue reading

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The Election of a Lifetime

Who will win power in September? A year ago Tony Abbott was an unbackable favourite to become Prime Minister of Australia at the 2013 Federal Election. Only Black Caviar had shorter odds. Most punters reckoned that Julia Gillard would lead … Continue reading

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The Political Turbulence of Climate Change

The abnormal weather patterns that have caused havoc on every continent over the past year have revived concerns about global warming and climate change. Having listened for years to passionate speeches about these subjects from scientists and politicians on both … Continue reading

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