In my twilight years, I enjoy writing books and have published three over the past five years, with another five in the planning stages.

I reach 90 years of age in October this year and I will have those five finished by the time I am 95. Then, I plan to write a few more to keep my mind active until I score my century. From then on, there are real possibilities.

May I invite you to join me in this pleasant pastime? 

It is relaxing and invigorating and brain stimulating because we are able to use a lot of accumulated wisdom and experience to expand our vision of the potential and satisfaction of life and convey it to others with words they will enjoy.

Let me tell a little about the three I currently have out there in the bookshops.

The first of the three is THE MAN ON THE TWENTY DOLLAR NOTES which gives an inspirational account of the life and work of Australia’s greatest nation builder, JOHN FLYNN, Flynn of the Inland. One of the great heroes of my life and as fine a Christian as ever lived. He founded the Royal Flying Doctor Service and The School of the Air. His story will inspire you to do something extraordinary for Australia and for humanity. I have sold thousands of copies of this book and it is still selling well.

That great book was followed by another vision stimulator, DINNER WITH THE FOUNDING FATHERS, that I published in 2020 and which is selling well. This tells the story of the statesmen who created the nation of Australia on I January, 1901. Edmund Barton and Alfred Deakin and Samuel Griffith and others. Their achievement was incredible. In 12 years of bipartisan political cooperation, they wrote our Constitution, got six fiercely independent State Governments to approve it and hold Referendums so the people could also approve it, then go to London to have the British Parliament pass legislation that would make it happen and finally get grumpy old Queen Victoria to sign off on it despite her opposing it. Buy 2 of this one. One for yourself and one for you to donate to your local school so young Australians can appreciate the knowledge of how Australia was born.

The latest is A BEAUTIFUL SUNSET. Only just launched at the Queensland Parliament in April this year. It’s a novel about the final curtain call of life. The story of a terminally ill man who choses Voluntary Assisted Dying and makes his final three months the greatest of his life. His final hours are spent enjoying a drink with his family and friends before going to hospital to press the button that will complete a great life in a few seconds. Right now, this one is selling at a fast rate as many people want to experience a good death, whether by natural causes or VAD.

So, can I strongly suggest you go to my personal website, everaldcompton.com, right now, and click on A BEAUTIFUL SUNSET. This will take you to an order form where you can buy it as well as DINNER WITH THE FOUNDING FATHERS and THE MAN ON THE TWENTY DOLLAR NOTES if you chose to do so. One book will cost you 20 dollars, two cost 35 dollars or three can be purchased for 50 dollars.

To that I will add postage and packaging at 10, 12.50 or 15 dollars respectively, as well as signing them and adding a personal greeting. When I post them, I email you the remittance details so you can pay me online.

Enjoy the read and especially let me know what books you are writing..