Many of my Facebook friends have read my book DINNER WITH THE FOUNDING FATHERS and have expressed interest in helping to upgrade the work of the Founders of our nation by advocating constitutional changes that modern Australia needs 120 years later.

If you have not yet read my book, I invite you to do so and then consider offering your help also.

I reckon that we can only get three changes through at a Referendum at any one time.

So, here are three for your consideration, outlined in the form with which they can be presented to Parliament.



Voters are unable to instigate changes to the Constitution of Australia even though we are entitled to have this basic right as citizens.

Currently, the power to call a referendum rests solely with the Prime Minister and Parliament and this is a denial of the basic principles of democracy.


We, as registered voters of the Commonwealth, hereby petition the Parliament to hold a Referendum to seek approval for an additional Clause to be added to Section 128 of the Constitution of Australia as follows,

‘When 250,000 voters, collectively representing all States and Territories, or a majority of State Governments, shall formally Petition the Parliament to hold a Referendum to change the Constitution, the Parliament must hold the Referendum on the stated change on the same date as the next Federal Election.’

If the Referendum is passed by a majority of voters in a majority of States, Parliament must immediately cause the constitutional change to be made.



Without denigrating the leadership of State Premiers in controlling Covid19, a lesson we can learn from our response is that Australia has no constitutional means of organising an immediate and effective national response to any crisis. Currently, only the States have the power and resources to respond, but this will unavoidably lead to the response being disjointed, ineffective and divisive.

Urgent steps are needed immediately to rectify this deficiency in the Constitution before the next national crisis arises.


We, as registered voters of the Commonwealth, hereby petition the Parliament to hold a referendum to seek approval for an additional clause to be added to the Constitution of Australia as follows,

‘A National Crisis Authority will be established to respond to any major crisis that Australia faces from time to time.

The Governor General shall, after urgent consultation with the elected leaders of Federal, State and Territory Governments, have power to declare that a crisis exists and authorise the National Crisis Authority to take total control of the response.

The National Crisis Authority will consist of the Governor General as Chair and the Prime Minister, State Premiers and Territory Chief Ministers.

The Authority shall have the power to request resources from any level of Government.

With each crisis, the Authority will exercise power for an initial term of three months. Extensions can be granted by a majority vote of the Authority members with the Governor General having a casting vote.



The Constitution of Australia states that the Senate shall be approximately half the size of the House of Representatives.

Currently, this means that there are 12 Senators per State, whereas in 1901 the Founding Fathers of Australia set the number of Senators per State as 5. This clause has created the ridiculous situation where the Parliament has for too many Senators who are elected by a small minority of voters, Tasmania has 12 Senators and 5 MP’s, and half of all Senators get two terms without facing the judgement of voters.


We, as registered voters of the Commonwealth, hereby petition the Parliament to hold a referendum to delete the Nexus from the Constitution and declare that each State will elect 5 Senators all of whom will serve for one parliamentary term, but may present themselves to voters for re-election.


Once these three constitutional changes are adopted, there are others that can follow.

*Recognition of the heritage of Indigenous Australians.

*Reduction in the powers of the Senate to reject legislation passed by the House of Representatives.

*Removal of the powers of the Crown and placing those powers in the hands of the Australian people.

*Removing the power of the Prime Minister to appoint the Governor General & and creating a democratic process for the election of an Australian Head of State.

*Having only two levels of government in Australia by the creation of 50 States, while removing local governments.


I will need a team of volunteers who are willing to visit their local federal and state members of Parliament to get a commitment from them to actively vote for Referendums to be held.

Let me know if you are keen to join the team.

Yours in hope.


You can buy a signed copy of DINNER WITH THE FOUNDING FATHERS by contacting me on Messenger or by sending an email to my website address,

Just need your postal address, email address & mobile phone.  Details of how you pay online will be included in the packet with the signed book. Cost is 20 dollars plus postage and packaging.

You will find it to be an interesting read about how 6 States joined together to achieve the creation of Australia in 1901.