Let me say loudly and clearly that I am hugely switched off by the Extinction Rebellion, but I am switched on about Greta Thunberg and about the fact that Citizens Referendums are a much better alternative than marching.

Thunberg made an impact at the United Nations a few weeks ago with her speech that harshly chastised world leaders for putting the future of the world at risk by being grossly negligent about Climate Change.

But, despite receiving massive support from school students of her age world wide, very little has been achieved even though they tried to march in an orderly and respectful fashion.

Indeed, the main publicity was generated by grossly unfair personal criticism of Thunberg’s character and motives. Apparently, it is a big social error to be both young and female.

Conversely, here in my own home town of Brisbane, an irresponsible mob of egotists who are part of a large international organisation called The Extinction Rebellion are regularly closing down the CBD and stopping innocent people, who are in no way responsible for the negligence of politicians, from going to and from work.

They are anarchists who just want to feel good because they make other people feel miserable and have alienated the community to such an extent that Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk is fast tracking legislation to ban their irresponsible marches and she has huge public support for her initiative, particularly from those who usually vote for her Opposition.

Yet, there are millions like me who are concerned about pollution in all its forms, especially Climate Change. We want to take action, but we wont march with thugs even though we are also totally switched off by Climate Change Deniers whose comments border on gross stupidity.

At present, we are left with few options other than political lobbying.

But, a different strategy can be productively pursued.

There are several nations around the world where their national constitutions allow voters to request referendums on crucial issues provide that an adequate number of people lodge a petition to Parliament to do so. If they win the Referendum, then the Parliament is required by law to carry out the wish of the people and legislate on the issue.

In several States in USA this is done regularly and more Referendums produce a positive result than do negative ones.

Here in Australia, we need firstly to convince our Federal Government that a Referendum should be held very soon to place a clause in the Australian Constitution to enable Citizen Referendum’s to be requested and held.

My thought is that to hold such a Citizen’s Referendum, a petition to do so must be signed by 250,000 voters spread over every State and Territory. This should comfortably be attained on an issue like Climate Change.

I reckon that students who are inspired by Greta Thunberg will easily get 250000 signatures from their parents. This will be a far more productive activity for them than to take a day off their studies to march.

And then, when the Climate Change Referendum is held, they can campaign in the streets where they live to ask their neighbours to vote Yes.

When they have won, they will feel a huge sense of achievement rather than the inevitable frustration of a pointless march that achieves nothing.

May I add that a Citizens Referendum on Climate Change, or any other matter, also gives deniers a chance to defeat the issue. It is democracy at work in a dignified manner.

So, it is now vital that we get a Constitutional Change made in Australia in 2020 so that Citizens Referendums can get under way from 2021.

One on Climate Change is increasingly urgent and we must move quickly as there are 8 billion people in the world who pollute it daily. This vast overpopulation requires us to hugely improve our climate so we can adequately meet their basic needs of life far more efficiently and effectively.

My meagre research capacity tells me that Tibet, the highest nation on earth, has lost one third of its glaziers over the past 50 years. And the great Greenland Icecap is melting rapidly. It has the capacity to raise sea levels everywhere by a couple of metres.

At the same time, the world is running out of fresh water. Here in Australia, Stanthorpe, one of our most fertile fruit growing regions, simply has no water. Almost unbelievable.

There is no need to panic, but, clearly it’s time. In fact, in the long term, the reversal of Climate Change should make us all more prosperous.

I am preparing a proposal for Constitutional Change to present to the Morrison Government in February, 2020.

Your help will be welcome.

Yours at Large


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