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Queenslanders go to the polls on Saturday, 25 November, to elect a State Government. Ostensibly, it is a contest between Annastacia Palaszczuk and Tim Nicholls as to who will be Premier of the Queensland Parliament, It is absolutely not. The battle … Continue reading

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Pauline Hanson, Tony Abbott and Cory Bernardi all say that they are totally committed to the defence of the Australian Way of life. But, they differ broadly when they endeavour to explain to us what it is they are defending. Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten … Continue reading

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In my schooldays in the bush, the farmers around my little timber town often had the unpleasant task of putting down an animal that was in such bad shape that the most humane step was to end its existence. Last week, I … Continue reading

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My end of year travels enabled me to take in some Christmas functions in Adelaide Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane. Inevitably, the conversations got to focus on the sad state of politics and a few facts became indelibly clear. Malcolm Turnbull has reached rock bottom and few … Continue reading

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Donald Trump ran the smartest, most unorthodox election campaign I have ever seen and he won an astonishing victory. Hillary Clinton did the exact opposite. Her campaign was a stunning disaster that totally lacked political nous or any understanding of … Continue reading

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Goodbye Menzies

The great political party, The Liberals, formed by Robert Menzies seven decades ago, is in its death throes. It has been assassinated by right wing zealots, none of whom would have ever been welcomed into its ranks by Australia’s longest serving Prime … Continue reading

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Malcolm Turnbull has won the 2016 Australian Election. He got there by the skin of his teeth, but no one can dispute that he is entitled to form a government. Now, he has to make it all work for the good … Continue reading

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