Whenever I hold launch functions for any of my (4) books, I always donate to a real good cause the royalties I get from my publisher for book sales at the function.

So it is that at the Linville Launch of my book CATCHING THE LINVILLE TRAIN, I will be giving the royalties to ARE YOU BOGGED MATE?

I knew nothing about this great cause until I was told about it by my friend Tanya Grimward who is the friendly proprietor of the LINVILLE HOTEL where my local book launch will be held this coming Thursday, 20 July, at Noon.

ARE YOU BOGGED MATE? is very much involved in mental health in rural Australia where there are more suicides per head of population than in our cities. Depression caused by financial issues relating to droughts, floods, fires, debt, losses etc is great and growing.

Mental health is now the greatest medical problem in Australia. I know this from my work as an Adjunct Professor at the Thompson Institute for Medical Health Research at University of the Sunshine Coast and so I admire the initiative taken by ARE YOU BOGGED MATE?

So come to support them this Thursday. The lunch is at the Linville Hotel at Noon. Cost is 50 dollars a head and a signed book can be bought for 30 dollars, of which 10 dollars goes to ARE YOU BOGGED MATE?

Sign up for lunch today by sending an email to Tanya Grimward at and she will email you with banking details.

If you cant make it to Linville on Thursday, please buy a signed copy of CATCHING THE LINVILLE TRAIN from my website ( then click on shop). Royalties from sales anytime this week will go to ARE YOU BOGGED MATE?

See you Thursday (or say hello on my website).