Donald Trump is the worst American President in my 86 years on Planet Earth.

In all likelihood, he is the worst since George Washington kicked out the British.

But, let me stop beating around the bush and admit that I utterly and thoroughly despise him.

Having said this, I must confess that there are times when I am tempted to cheer him, especially when he kicks the hell out of the political establishment. They absolutely need their guts hit out of the park because of their complacent insensitivity to the needs and aspirations of humanity.

But, the problem is that his skills end at the point of his boot. He has not got a clue what to do next, because his sole skill in life is as a gut kicker.

All this means is that we should pause for more than a moment and do some objective analysis of THE DONALD because we are stuck with him.

Firstly, we must acknowledge that he was democratically elected in a fair and reasonable election despite the Russians fiddling on the sidelines. He certainly got three million votes less than Hilary Clinton, but he won the majority of States, which is the way the Constitution says that Americans will elect their Presidents.

The tragedy was that the Republican Party could not find a candidate to beat him in their Primary Elections. He thrashed and humiliated high profile opponents like Jeb Bush and Mario Rubio.

And, he finally got to the White House because Clinton ran a dreadfully arrogant and inept campaign. She thought, stupidly, that she was in a royal procession to the Presidency and just had to turn up to win.

Trump was smart enough politically to work that out and paint himself as the champion of all the little guys, while telling everyone that Hillary only represented the fat cats. He has not yet done a single thing for any little guy, and never will, but they still love him because he is ‘draining the swamp in Washington’.

So, he is in The White House and no one can remove him unless he deliberately breaks the law.

This means that he is able to get around America and the world throwing big rocks at everyone and enjoy himself thoroughly.

Most days, his utterances make us feel that he is a dimwit, a total fool. But, make no mistake, he knows exactly what he is doing. If we need any convincing of this, just take a look at his visit to Europe this past week.

He told the NATO nations that they are bludging on America and must invest more on defence or he will pull the plug on them. They were outraged, but Trump was just trying to drum up business for the giant weapon manufacturing corporations of USA who are going through a lean period at the moment. After all, every one of them gave money to his election campaign.

Then, he all but destroyed Therese May by saying that he disagrees on her soft Brexit strategy and feels that her opponent, Boris Johnson, would make a fine Prime Minister. The background to that is that Trump wants to break up the European Union because he reckons they don’t give a fair go to America in trade of goods, services and capital. With Britain out of Europe via a clean and total break, he can encourage Italy to do likewise. And on it will go.

Off then to Russia where he declared his eternal love for Putin. He wants him to be an ally in scaring the hell out of Europe, help him pull North Korea into line and join forces with him to threaten China’s trade domination. Donald needs all the mates he can get.

Now, having done all that, he has no strategy for the next steps that are needed to fill the void created by the chaos he has caused. He is a destroyer, not a fixer.

Where does this leave us all?

Not actually in a good place.

But, the world will not end as there have been buffoons like him since the beginning of time. If we are smart, we will ignore him and strengthen our trading and military alliances with China, India, Indonesia and Japan. Between them, they have three and a half billion people who can be good trading partners for us. America has only 300 million. And we don’t need America to defend us from them

Will Americans vote out Trump in 2020. I was once certain that they would toss him out with glee. But, I have changed my mind. There is not one single high profile opponent among either the Democrats or the Republicans who can lay a glove on him. The American political scene is filled with little guys (and gals).

So, enjoy a fine scotch whisky tonight, then sleep soundly.

They once taught me in Sunday School that ‘God’s in his heaven and all’s right with the world’.

And I actually believed them at the time.

Yours at Large


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8 thoughts on “TRUMPED BY TRUMP

  1. Col Clifford

    Hi Everald,

    Any chance that you are available to talk to Graham tomorrow morning at 10am for a pre-record?

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  2. Lloyd Graham

    There has been a great deal of negative comment about Donald Trump, including that from Everald, with which I totally agree. As such I will refrain from adding my views other than to say that the sooner this narcissistic self-ordained “genius” has gone the better it will be for America and the World.
    However, what this unfortunate episode has done is to remind me of the expression that “..out of something ‘bad’ comes something ‘good’..” So let us put that to the test!!
    The first thing that is ‘good’ is to know that this unfortunate nightmare will eventually come to and end after four or eight years. So fear not, the embarrassment will definitely end.
    The second thing that is ‘good’ is the realisation that we can no longer delude ourselves that historic friendships, treaties and the like will continue. They do not amount to a ‘row of beans’ when they are subject to the whims of a single individual like Donald Trump. I agree, along with Everald, that Australia’s priorities must be to continue to cultivate our economic, sporting and social ties with countries in our region, remain close to the US but without being deferential.
    Another thing that is ‘good’ is that we now know how destructive a President without a moral compass can be, and that his replacement must be someone who can be respected both at home and abroad and has values and a code of conduct that all Americans can be proud. I know that she has put the idea to one side but Michelle Obama, or someone like her, needs to step forward in this hour of need.
    Another thing that is ‘good’ is that when Trump goes so will his coterie of fawning individuals that surround him. At the top of the heap is the Vice-President Mike Pence whose contribution to date has been a big fat zero.

  3. Carlo Bongarzoni

    Everald – an interesting rundown on Trump. Perhaps I’d describe him more as a disrupter of the political and other global establishments eg United Nations and EU. We seem happy to accept that disruption is Kosher for corporate business but not for the establishment and its institutions. I wonder why? The world order badly needs changing and only Trump it seems is game to try that. I don’t particularly like him nor do I agree with everything he does but frankly he’s a hell of a lot better than other leaders around the world and certainly including ours. The world and its over-paid and under-performing institutions need Spring cleaning in a big way. Only a disrupter can achieve that because the rest are primarily mediocre at best. He was fairly elected but the losers – across the board – cannot accept that so they are actually debunking our democratic system and values. And by the way I suggest our approach to democracy needs changing too – to ensure that the people’s voice becomes once more salient and acted upon by those we elect. Enjoy your scotch Everald. carlo

    Carlo Bongarzoni

    Carlo Bongarzoni Associates P/L

    9 Russell Street

    Clontarf NSW 2093

    T/F 9948 8975; 0410 335 523

  4. denys lunn

    If your three examples of Trump’s incompetency (Nato, May and Russia) are to be believed, they would all benefit the US. Unlike past president’s, Trump is actually doing something about the economy,inequality, immigration Israel, NK. Real leadership without the PC diplomatic BS.


    THANKS again, Everald.
    Your rage is totally rational and justifed.
    In medieval times the Court Jester was the smartest ‘guy on the block’.
    Nothing has changed.
    Our would-be World President may be frighteningly spontaneous, but I believe that he knows instinctively what the main thrust of his campaigns is all about—his ‘nose for deals’ does leave chaos in its wake—but does he later return to the ‘site’ to do a double ‘clean-up’—with additional benefits to his reputation and his bank account ?
    Will a new world emerge out of HIS chaos ?

  6. Sue-Ellen Deacon

    Fantastic read as always. Agree with 100% on everything. You always get it right. I am so happy to have met you at Penrith. I am now living in Maryborough Qld. Take care and God bless. Kind regards Sue-Ellen Deacon

  7. Bryan Gilmour

    Congratulations Everald! You have a special way of nailing it !!!

    Regards, Bryan.

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