The Man on the Twenty Dollar Notes

The Story of Flynn of the Inland – one of Australia’s greatest sons

Everald’s latest book will be launched in Cloncurry tomorrow 8 April 2016 and in Brisbane city on April 18.

This is a book every Australian should read with a review by Tim Costello, Chief Executive of World Vision Australia.


Full details about the book and how to order

2 thoughts on “The Man on the Twenty Dollar Notes

  1. Rod Foster

    Looking forward to reading a review of this and the book may be one to add to my library. Re your comment on Seniors working: I was so glad to get out of the “workforce” yet I retired to a small property and have never been so busy. Nevertheless Seniors are certainly very welcome in many volunteer roles and in Murgon for instance the Visitor Information Centre would be in operable without the Vollies as also Meals on Wheels. Never been able to understand the comments “I’m bored” given there is so much to do. Cheers

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