I am a committed environmentalist, actually a conservative Green, but I am convinced that Climate Change Conferences are a colossal waste of time and money, as was proved by the ridiculous disaster of Copenhagen a few short years ago.

Before any one of these extravaganzas, there are years of talks about the talks. Then, there is massive chatter about trivia rather than the real issues at the conferences themselves. Finally, everyone goes home to talk endlessly in a huge effort to convince us that, really, they have committed us to nothing and we should all just continue to lead the good life.

This is hugely sad because humanity needs genuine leadership in turning around our infamous record of recklessly polluting the planet.

Never before in the history of our world, which has spread over billions of years, have 7.5 billion people inhabited the planet. Tragically, this figure will swell to 9 billion in a couple of decades.

Anyone who believes that this huge number of people is not polluting the world is either delusional or devoid of basic intelligence.

So, in the highly likely event of a Paris Conference disaster, what should Australia do about climate issues even if the rest of the world is inactive or continues to play games with the environment.

The first inevitability that we cannot avoid as good citizens is that every single one of us must pay an annual environment levy which will continue until we have a pollution free, energy efficient home.

Every business, irrespective of whether it is an office, shop, factory or farm, must pay an even larger levy until they get their act in order, as must every government department or agency and every church and mosque.

I find it to be absolutely obnoxious that the Federal Government is actually paying the bills for polluting industries to clean up their act. This is a disgraceful misappropriation of taxpayer funds, corrupt in the extreme in helping the greedy and irresponsible to continue destroying the world.

Above all, we must insist that the whole world establishes an Emissions Trading Market of which Australia is participant number one and we work ceaselessly until every nation is in it and participating at full capacity.

So, what will be the fallout from Paris.

Some innovative people and corporations will make a lot of money implementing climate change projects. Some will happily pay the price of getting their climate act in improvement mode. Others will put their head in the sand and refuse to pay, while some will declare themselves to be too poor and may well be speaking the truth.

Polluters everywhere will run for cover and distort science in highly inventive ways to try to prove that their intransigence is in fact enlightened. They will cast the blame on everyone else and declare most of us to be demented.

The media will distort the Paris debate in order to create headlines in a way that will boost their advertising dollars.

Despite all of the above, for you and me, there is a simple way forward right now. We don’t have to wait for the Paris Conference to end before we get started.

If we have not already done so, lets start today to make sure that our own homes are pollution free and energy efficient, complete with water recycling.

We can also reduce the use of our cars and move to more utilisation of public transport in the biggest way possible, while hectoring our governments to improve their miserable investment in good transport systems.

While advocating the above, I am sure that there are additional ways of enhancing the environment. We are only limited by our imagination.

Finally, can I say with some passion that I have loved every visit I have made to Paris. It has character, charm and exuberance, based on a colourful history that is still evident today. But, it has had a very rough time lately.

It would be great if history could record that it was the venue where the world of December, 2016, made momentous decisions about climate change and went on to implement them thoroughly and enthusiastically, in a manner that totally staggered our imagination and made my words sound utterly irrelevant.

Viva Paris

Yours at Large

Everald Compton

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  1. Gabrielle

    Hello and Season’s Greetings. Today Mr Turnbull is releasing the new INNOVATION ASPECT of his Govt.which many wait for,with BATED BREATH. As I guess many AUSTRALIANS felt on the PARIS MEETING, I FELT VERY STRONGLY a sense of DEEP EMBARRASSMENT for what I consider a VERY POOR and unAMBITIOUS showing,from OUR Representatives. The activities
    of the cronies of T.Abbott and their understandable BUT inexcuseably bad behaviour ,makes me and I suppose a lot of others feel like SHOUTING in ABBOTTS FACE..”You were an EMBARRASSMENT and MANY wanted you gone,..Wake up, you were a DUD,SIR!!!!” IF the HOLD some have on Mr Turnbull IS a GREAT one we can only hope he shows the necessary
    mettle and puts his faith in those who WANT and NEED SOLID GOVERNMENT,POSITIVE CHANGES(such as Corp.Tax collection)and OPPORTUNITY to GROW OUR PEOPLES SKILLS

    1. Rod Foster

      I’m totally with you on this yet we seem to be forced to go through these charades because there are people who are convinced that stopping CO2 enmissions climate change will stop. No one at these conferences has put forward a feasible alternative to using fossil fuels for powering our modern day society. Until they do and the continual hullabaloo from certain academics, lefties and so on we will suffer the discomfort of their rampaging. There are now too many calmer academics who have different views for us to be taking notice of the over vocal mobs. There are too many people in the world who need to use fossil fuels to raise them from abject poverty etc to accept the views of conferences like this. By the way a lot to do with Islands feeling the discomfort of higher water levels is because many are sinking and this has nothing to do with climate change.- it’s the geology. By the way I’m asking for Peter Fitzsimmons book as a Christmas present and someone may be kind enough to buy it for me. The QBD price is certainly a good one.

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