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Voluntary Assisted Dying. Crunch time at Queensland Parliament.

Last year, the Queensland Parliament voted to authorise its Health Committee to hold public hearings throughout Queensland to assess public attitudes to Voluntary Assisted Dying and Palliative Care. They did an extraordinary job of holding hearings far and wide across … Continue reading

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Democracy is dead. Murdered by political, financial and religious ideology inflicted upon us by ‘leaders’ with closed minds who survive by divisively spreading fear and greed. It is time for a new world order called THE COMMON GOOD to take over. It … Continue reading

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Every religion worships the same God. We have different names for God and we worship Him (or Her) in different ways. Even within a particular religion, there are wide differences of opinion about how God should be worshipped and how the … Continue reading

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There is only one way to succeed in a rapidly changing world and that is to walk positively and confidently towards every challenge while looking constantly for the light on the hill. As a nation we are now doing the exact opposite, … Continue reading

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Reviewing the Challenges of 2015 – Economy – Environment – Religion

ECONOMY — ENVIRONMENT — RELIGION 2014 was not the greatest year in history. Be this as it may, the one element of life that will never be lost is Hope. This means that we can plan for 2015 to be … Continue reading

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