The Shared Good

The Shared Good – Prosperity in a compassionate Australia


Capitalism and Socialism are utterly discredited ideologies that have created economic and social polarisation. They are now irrelevant in any valid democracy based on equality of opportunity.

Their legacy is revealed in the lives of far too many self-absorbed people who have lost their sense of community by embracing individualism, consumerism and materialism in an aggressive manner that threatens the sustainability of the world in every facet of human existence.

THE SHARED GOOD – A visionary alternative

Fostered by communities, not imposed by governments, it has no role for greed.

Here is a challenge for Australia to progressively adopt THE SHARED GOOD by 2025. 

Follow this link to a full presentation of my vision, drafted over a twelve month period with the constructive review and contribution from 50 eminent Australians, most of them not involved in politics.