How to order

Thank you for your interest in my books.

To order:

1. Decide if you would like a single or multiple copies of “A Beautiful Sunset”, “Dinner with the Founding Fathers” or “The Man on the Twenty Dollar Notes” – Soft Cover copies only. AUD $20.00/book.

2. Special Purchase Options and Discounts – This form allows you to order multiple books for a discount. Any single book $20.00. Two books $35.00. Three books $50.00.

3. Packing and postage costs will be added to an invoiced account at the rate of AUD$10.00 for a single book, $12.50 for two books and $15.00 for 3 books.

4. Easy payment arrangements – with each book/s delivery, an account will be enclosed for your prompt payment. We ask that you pay by direct deposit to the bank account indicated or you can post a cheque. Payment within 21 days thank you.

5. Complete the contact/order form appearing below ensuring all ‘required’ sections are completed.

6. We recommend you also advise your contact phone number in case any anomalies occur with the order, so ensuring we can address these efficiently.

7. We value your privacy and provide this assurance that your contact details will not be sold or transferred to any other party for any economic, marketing or other benefit.

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