A Beautiful Sunset

A Beautiful Sunset is a fascinating novel that tells the story of four people facing death, two of them by Voluntary Assisted Dying. Three practice Christianity, the fourth is an atheist, and together, they share a Muslim woman as their doctor.

Everald Compton has advocated for Voluntary Assisted Dying for 50 years. Now, In A Beautiful Sunset, he has turned his expertise toward crafting complex and humane stories that explore coming to terms with the end of life.

Read this book and you will gain a clearer understanding of Voluntary Assisted Dying. It may also inspire you to happily plan your own ideal final curtain call.

Everald is 89 years old and proudly Australian. If circumstances dictate it, he is ready to end his life by VAD.

Now available – published March 2021

A Beautiful Sunset explores voluntary assisted dying.

Helping us all to happily and positively comprehend the reality of death.

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