Australia’s Landmark Water Project

The Gulf to The Darling.

The world is overpopulated and billions live in poverty with an inadequate food supply.

At the same time, there is a steadily growing middle class who want a secure supply of quality food.

Australia has the capacity to earn billions of dollars in export revenue every year by becoming the world’s largest exporter of food and fibre.

All we need to achieve this goal is water and vision.

Throughout the twentieth century, visionaries such as Dr John Bradfield, builder of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and engineer L.B.S. Reid advocated the use of tropical water to increase the productivity of the Australian Inland but the politicians of the day did not take them seriously and their plans were never studied in detail.

Now it is clear that the rainfall of the tropics can be stored near the Gulf of Carpentaria and used to:

  • open an extensive food and fibre bowl in the gulf country and the western black soil plains which would have excellent export potential through the ports of Karumba and Townsville and airport of Longreach.
  • transfer surplus water to the source of the Darling River at Tambo, only a few hundred kilometres away.

A copy of The Gulf to The Darling preliminary water study proposal is available by emailing

9 thoughts on “Australia’s Landmark Water Project

  1. Danny Treleaven

    Just a quick word regarding the recent and current damage being caused by water damage as a result of run off from a major rain event. This may be an appropriate time to raise the Bradfield project again and perhaps conduct a comparison of damage caused over many years to cost of construction. These type of rain events cause long term psychological effects and this too needs to be included in costs. I am rather inept at expressing my thoughts, this really is important to Australias future and has affected me emotionally. The damage caused is usually in the most populated areas on the east coast, with regular rain events in the north and north east of Australia. Most of the water flows to the sea causing massive damage on the way. My thoughts and distress about the inaction of current and previous Governments is mounting because nothing serious is being done to use these events to the advantage of all Australians, especially those who work so hard to provide food for our tables. That’s it, I am vented out. I just wish someone would take the bit and run with it.

    1. Heather

      Bradfield scheme I speak of it wherever I can. Make us rich beyond our dreams and we are only one of a very few with the land to do this.Apparently many of the now Tourists are heading to the Northern Territory. Bradfield is bigger than the chinese 3 gorges. No free trade agreement as produce would be cleanest greenest in the world achieving worlds best prices for same not cheap cheap. Blue water Marron gets $100 per kilo in Japan. Tourism would be enormous the eight wonder of the world ?
      Possibly ? the Bradfield scheme would stop the run off onto the reef too.

  2. I agree that a project of this scale would be great and history changing. My main concern would be the unforeseen damage that this could do to things like the Great Barrier Reef or others which could not be reversed.

    Darryl Hodkinson – Australian Defence Veterans Party Qld Senate candidate.

  3. Gabrielle Drinkwater

    Hello and warmest regards Everald. When the RAIL from South Aust. to Darwin was being rebuilt a letter I wrote to The Advertiser was printed. After reading it one lady wrote that she would vote for me as Premier! The LOGIC was obvious to me..As the base for the Rail was built a LARGE PIPELINE should have been built into the Base to bring WATER Down from NT to S.Aust…NOT ONLY THAT I suggested several POINTS of ACCESS for TOURISM OASES be Installed for Travellers AND that the water could use THE SUN to HEAT the WATER for delivery!!!!! That was a LONG time ago now and STILL the Conversation is discussed BY those WHO LOOK! SEE! AND CARE!!! Hope life is WONDERFUL EVERALD….Gabrielle

  4. Heather Milton

    Yes Australia could be the food bowl and the medicine chest of Asia as we have the land and non pollution. Have to keep crops GMO FREE and probably Roundup free, grown organically, permaculture. Hawaii just became GMO free, America Canada EU and others looking at more GMO free. More costly to do this yes but many rich nations are seeking clean green food…at any price. The crop I’d suggest for up north is one of the Cannabis strains Sativa or Indica. Takes less water than other crops and has saved California in their drought. Taxes from this were something around $180 Billion in first 2 years I read (don’t know how true that figure is) but certainly could achieve $15 billion within 2-4 years here, especially made by Australian Pharma who pay their taxes here. Canada is interested in buying our Marijuana and other nations where too cold I read. Grown here in good conditions gives 2 crops per year. If lack of funding – start small say $1 Billion $’s, but with profit/taxes from each crop build more of the Waterway.

    Grown to Australian Standards under license + policing as we grow opium and currently supply half the world’s opium poppies. Poppies like cooler climes but one strain of Marijana likes cooler the other warmer. The Mayor of a southern Tasmanian town seriously wants to grow this profitable crop for jobs and Tasmanian pharma companies to make for tax profits.

    Do NOT confuse Medical Marijuana with Marijuana/Cannabis bought off the street which often mixed with Ice or bred to blow your mind. If Medical Marijuana (not smoked) were called by another name say mauve rose ……. it would be seen as the greatest CURE to mankind. Indeed it is written in Exodus, Moses used it (and the Bible) it was the anointing healing oil used by Jesus Christ. Keneh Bosem or Qaneh Bosm Carrier oil was olive oil with smaller amounts of Cannabis, cinnamon and myrrh – all anti-inflammatory. The Human body has Cannabis Receptors so receives the oil/plant duly as healing. CanniMed of Canada and others have medical marijuana in different strengths of THC/CBD some have NO THC. My cousin went California to live after retiring, grows her own plants mostly and uses as a tea, and massage oil. Within 4 months her Rheumatoid arthritis has all but gone, she has cut back on most of the medications only needs 1 of her previous meds but in less quantity. One of the Rheumatoid medications a biologic was costing taxpayers $48,000 p.a. possibly the correct amount of MMj cost is $6,000 p.a. based on other countries who allow it. Nevada USA is about to legalise MMj for use in animals as the Ancient Greeks did thousands of years ago. I have Rheumatoid and want the same to stop the disease and any further disability. We could have MMj provided by a doctor on scrip and medical card as they do most other countries overseas. MMj has virtually no side effects. The Rheumatoid drugs I’ve had have nearly killed me twice.

  5. Hi Everald. I am a fan of diverting northern water inland. However we face a situation world wide of terrible politicians who are only interested in re election. We are worse off than most counties because we have the poorest selection of senators in my living memory. They put their own interests before the country and try to convince us the exact opposite. How you change this is beyond my comprehension. I would like to suggest you email every member of parliament. And the send the contents and name the said members to every news outlet. Maybe and its only a Maybe it might get some traction. Keep up the good Work. I am a great fan of your ideas.

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  7. Michael Turner

    The Bradfield Scheme is a promising concept, it would certainly help Australia develop and create a greener environment in a large part of Austalia

  8. Neil Torkington

    Hi Everald,

    I couldn’t get over when watching on TV how China is building an 800 mile or 1287.5 km (approx distance Cairns to Bundabemrg) Aqueduct from Southern China to the Beijing area for the millions of people in that area at a cost of about $45 billion. It made me think and to look up on the internet about the Bradfield Scheme and how he proposed it should work and the pros and cons.
    We certainly have a big country but there isn’t much we can use due to the lack of water.

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