Last week, I outlined a plan to drought proof our Australian continent by sending tropical water south via dry river beds and connecting channels.

The concept is fundamentally sound, but it will become a reality only if the private sector provides the money and expertise to do the job as all governments are consumed by an insatiable desire to retain power at all costs. They think that capital spent on water won’t get them as many votes as handouts.

So, where do we start in getting this to happen without governments?

A preliminary Scoping Study is needed to provide an adequate basis to interest private investors in looking seriously at Phase One of a national project, ie, moving water from the Gilbert River in the Gulf country down to the source of the Murray Darling river system at Tambo in Central Western Queensland, watering the cattle country of North West and Central Queensland along the way and opening up a fruit and vegetable industry in the black soil around Longreach.

The Study can be done using a team of Older Australians who have decades of experience and wisdom and are willing to work voluntarily for Australia until we get the project started.

John Thompson and I have drawn up a plan based on our extensive travels in the bush for many years, but it needs technical and financial experience that we don’t have. So, we are looking for five nation building Seniors to join our team of volunteers.

If you would like to join the Seniors Water Army and work for no pay or expenses for a short while, we need you if you are a former Water Engineer, Environmental Scientist, Farmer/Grazier, Banker, Lawyer.

John Thompson will give you a great welcome if you email him at

We will send you a plan and organise a teleconference for the seven of us to review it and decide what needs to be done to take a step forward towards achievement.

Australia can be drought proofed.

It is just a matter of willpower, skill, private money and minimal politics.

The Seniors of Australia are about to show their value to Australia as the nation’s greatest underused asset.

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