Can we have a Budget of gradual reform?

My first visit to Parliament in Canberra to attend a Budget speech occurred half a century ago when Harold Holt was Treasurer and he delivered it in the old Parliament House.

He gave a calm and rational account of the nation’s finances and this was widely accepted because it frightened few people and provided a sense of stability.

I have been at Parliament for most Budget speeches since then. Some were good and others quite mediocre.

I used to think that the worst I heard was from Billy McMahon until I listened to Joe Hockey in 2014. It was delivered confidently enough, but it hit all the wrong buttons.

My disappointment was magnified because I had expected better and knew that most voters had been ready to support him in making sensible changes to the economy.

That unfortunate Budget has still not passed the Parliament eleven months later.

Now the Prime Minister has said we can expect a dull Budget for 2015 with no shocks, but I hope it is not that.

We need a courageous Budget that takes the economy forward in many small positive steps to meet the challenges that Australia faces in a rapidly changing world.

Voters will accept unpalatable medicine if it gradually leads to results that build the nation in a fair and equitable way.

This year we must take the first deliberate steps to meet the fast growing challenge of Ageing, the restoration of the Environment, the creation of the right type of Housing in the right places at the lowest possible cost and, above all, create jobs.

I await Budget Night 2015 with anticipation and I wish Joe Hockey well as he attempts to blot out the sad memories of 2014 and in the process give voters a sense of hope that is currently lacking.

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Yours At Large

Everald Compton