I will complete the Blueprint on Ageing

I have made real progress with my plan to complete the Blueprint on Ageing and am pleased that we will do so with the aid of an eminent Australian Think Tank, using crowd funding plus some corporate and trust gifts.

We will publish it on schedule in June, 2014, so that Hockey’s sacking of me and my Panel will have been of no avail and we can then plan to implement many of the recommendations without help from government.

Before we finalise the Blueprint, we will hold public consultations around Australia and I hope that those who have contributed to the debate will be able to attend and express their thoughts.

The more I work on the plan, the more I realise that the scope of it is enormous, as ageing is a significant element in every facet of national life. So, the turning of ageing into an asset will create great change, but I believe that it can be centred on an economy that is not dollar driven and will create a level playing field for young and old.

A problem we face in Australian politics is that anyone who has a conscience about anything is labelled a socialist and, every time there is a change of government, it is regarded as essential to destroy everything the previous government has done. But, Australians are wise enough to overcome this and export our good policies on Ageing to a world that is being hit by the same ageing tsunami as we are.

Government sources have hinted to me that I will breach copyright if I try to complete the plan. Can I say that I will enjoy my day in court and I will appear without a barrister as my defence will be that I am completing a document of national importance that was otherwise destined for the shredder simply because it was initiated by Wayne Swan.

The court case will cause millions of Australians to read the Blueprint.

4 thoughts on “I will complete the Blueprint on Ageing

  1. Marian Rumens

    I have the greatest admiration for people like Everald Compton who, despite all odds, stick to their guns because they know they are right. This incompetent and vindictive government would ignore a problem in our community that will not go away over time and will need a roadmap to combat. Thank you for your dedication and courage.

  2. Sue-Ellen Deacon

    Great work by a great Australian … no one will do a better job than you and your committee/panel… maybe a few prayers helped with this achievement. Sue-Ellen

  3. Neil Torkington

    Hi Everald, Being a familyman and having watched the last two generations growing up I find it a bit concerning how moral and the normal way of life has changed, the amount of conflicts around the world and how cheap life seems to be today. Being an ex Navy person changes and the down grading of tradition has proved that changes don’t always work they need to be properly monitored to make sure they are working which doesn’t seem to be the case in the Military today. I see myself as a young 71 year old that did nine years in the Hydrographic Branch of the Navy surveying and involved in two major conflicts in th sixties Indonesia and Vietnam, six years surveying and Rig positioning in Bass Strait and Nth West shelf and throught the Far East and twenty five years in Process Control in mining mainly with Rio Tinto. In retirement I do Meals on wheels and Pension Claims for the RSL, if I didn’t do that I would go mad. I look at TV and all they seem to talk about people going into retirement, to get in and order you plot or put your name down so you don’t miss out for that retirement village, we all know that and for some it is good know. I can tell by what you are doing and at your age you are an inspiration and there are a lot of people out there who are over sixty five who aren’t retired but are just taking it easy and still have an experienced brain and still have a lot to offer. There might be politicians warming seats in Canberra but there very few statesmen with a vision and what they forget is that we still vote and still have a lot to offer.

    Regards Neil

  4. Michelle Rafter

    Dear Mr Compton
    I too am campaigning to have the portfolio of Mental Health and Ageing reinstated as a separate entity. As an undergraduate studying a Bachelor of Community Development, I hope to use my degree to assist communities hardest hit by the slash and burn measures to public health and aged care in Queensland and across the nation. I would like to offer my support to you and your panel in any way possible to ensure the crisis of funding an ageing population is no longer ignored by this government and those yet to come.

    Keep up your great work!

    Kindest regards
    Michelle Rafter

    Facebook: Save Moreton Bay Nursing Care Unit
    Twitter: @SaveMBNCU
    0421 748 754

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