Educating Oldies

There is a growing opportunity for Universities to cash in on the Seniors market as our nation rapidly ages.

More and more Seniors are retraining so as to get themselves back into the workforce, and just as many are commencing training for a totally new occupation so as to experience the thrill of starting life all over again.

There is an even greater number who have never studied for a University degree, but want to earn one in their old age, just to have the satisfaction of gaining it. They don’t want a traditional degree that trains you for an occupation.

Their aim is to pick an area of study that interests them, like history or literature or art or something else, and they will be pleased to pay the fees involved.

So, don’t ever be overly concerned if your local university says that it is short of funds and this is the fault of government. Just sack the Vice Chancellor and get one who will get into the lucrative seniors market right away.

One example indicates the opportunity. There are 5,000 seniors spread across Australia who are over 70 and who are studying for a Doctorate right now, and thousands more who have undertaken an ordinary degree course.

This has happened without any promotion of education for seniors, so there is potential for many thousands more to be involved in the years ahead.